Preserving and digitizing Analogue music


Restoring access to heritage


Reviving Radio Tanzania Archives


Celebrating Tanzanian music and culture


Promoting East African creativity and Art


Connecting people through music


Our mission is to support endangered music and share it with the world

Preserving and Digitizing Analogue Music


We preserve and digitize at-risk music before it is lost.

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Reviving the Radio Tanzania Archives


We uncover the story of Tanzania’s greatest musical collection.

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Restoring Access to Heritage


We help people re-discover their past and history.

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Culture | Heritage | Connection

Connecting people through music

“A country which lacks its own culture is no more than a collection of people
without the spirit which makes them a nation.”
– Julius K. Nyerere, Baba wa Taifa

Celebrating Tanzanian Music and Artists


We bring the country’s musical stories to life.

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Promoting East African Culture and Creativity


We collaborate with partners to boost the region’s arts and culture.

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Connecting people through music


We unite people through the universal language of music.

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CNN | Inside Africa | THP and Tanzania's endangered music

We were privileged to have the CNN team with us, earlier this year to film something of the work we do at THP alongside some of the old and new masters of Tanzanian Music. We are proud to show the results below. You can also read the partial transcript on this page.

Part 1

The beating heart of East Africa’s music scene

Part 2

Is Tanzania’s ancient music at risk of dying out

Part 3

Mixing traditional sounds with modern vibes in Tanzania