Our Supporters

We’d like to thanks the many generous people and organizations that have supported our work so far.

Without the backing of the individuals and companies listed below, our goal of preserving and celebrating the Radio Tanzania archives would be impossible.


Our Supporters and Donors


CKU Logo

The Danish Center for Culture and Development is a self-governing institution under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that works with Danish Embassies to strengthen collaboration within the fields of art, culture, and development between Denmark and countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.



Music Mayday Logo
Music Mayday Tanzania is the first non-governmental training center for music in Dar es Salaam, which works to promote and strengthen the Creative Industries in Tanzania by fostering capacity development in music performance, technology, and management.



iZotope is a research-driven audio technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its award-winning products and audio technologies are used by millions of people in over 50 countries, from consumers to musicians to major film, TV, and radio studios.





BlackInk is a Dar es Salaam-based advertising and marketing firm with a passion for innovative commercial enterprises and cultural preservation.




Thanks in particular to the people who supported our project on Kickstarter.com. If you backed the project and your name does not appear below, you can send your name via our contact form and to be added to the list. Thank You!

Jillian Gerstley, Sierra, Michelle Singleton, Karl Reinsch, Thad Kerosky, John Lofgren, Paul Zaremba, The District Attorneys, Alec Young, Andrew Lohmann, Stephanie Sullivan, Debra Janklow, Michael Neumann, Jarret Izzo, Abram Trosky, David Howcroft, John Colagioia, Aimee Kahn-Foss, Helen Smith, Andrew Burchell, Ed Toutant, Stephen Witt, Alec Lovett, William Dix, Michael Rattinger, Tyler Webb, Cassandra Wong, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Tanzania, David Fu, Joshua McLaurin, Igal Nassima, Jenny Taylor, Eric, Opera Vista, Mary Anne McGuire, Randy Smith, John M. Schell, Kevin Harrigan, Tim Evans, Rachel ODonnell, Martha A. Myers, Charlie Jameson, Charlie Gibson, Joseph Veehoff, Scott Forman, Angeli Kirk, Michael Belcher, Nahanaeli Schelling, Naomi Baer, Alexandra Jaffe, Abraham Wallin, Joyce Chang, Jacob Schultz, Amy Coenen, Bunmi Oloruntoba, Erika C Flint, Tom Gromak, Prem Thomas, Mark Cervero, Charlotte Makoff, Troy Woolley, John M Gamble
Sally Coenen, JD Bergeron, Brian Brinkerhoff, Xiao Liu, Tallulah Marigny Rogers, Shaaban Fundi, Craig T, David Janklow, Nancy Rainey, Mary Corey, Mark Williams, Opera Vista, Jeff Parrish, Lynn Heichel Kneedler, Ross Angelo, Eric, Kathryn Woodard, Ted, Geoffrey Nielsen, Ian Kramar, Jeff Hojnicki, Rakesh Rajani, Allen G, Brian LoBue, Jordan, Tita Gatrell, Bill H, Frank Lampen, Cici Cheng, Mary Vines, Jesse Freeman, Ted Lifset, John Briggs, Diane Reese, Carlos Cruz, Lydia Hartsell, Bradley Ferreira, Silvi Wool, Kevin Chang, Jacob Skaggs, Mark Manley, Adrienne Dorn, Alistair Wood, Phillip Vallejo, Matthew Faytak, Lauren Pinson, Heather McMichen, Zoe Stroebel-Haft, Jacques-Jean Tiziou, Jasmin Stelzer, Brian Corry, Bessie Lewis, Chloe Silva, Katherine Kincaid, Erin Orr, Robby Staley, Elisabeth Allen, Calpin Hoffman-Williamson, Elisabeth Shoop, Bethany McCain, Stefanie Murray, Emmanuel Eeem [eim], Chris Pawlik, Eric Brooks, Holly Wheeler, MBybee, Iain Potter, Sameer Vasta, Marek Belski
Mary Anne McGuire, Randy Smith, John Schell, Tim Evans, Tad, Amy & Dory Gellins, Martha A. Myers, Princess Ojiaku, Mary Wooten, Charlie Gibson, Ted Whitehead, Candy Warner, Ross Angelo, Missy DeHaven, Anne Callahan, Sam Wright, Eric Bricker, Hillary Barber, Taylor Conophy, Eli Hayes, Clarence Jones, Alexandria Shulz, Cyrus Moussavi, Morgan Robinson, Kathryn Kipling, Brian Kelly, Dave Koken, Ange Kahn, Nathan Liu, Maria Alejandra Baetti, Robert Thwaits, Robert Gourley, Drew Heller, Barry Dangerfield, Andrea Baetti, Elise DeBoard, Bruce Douglas, Marshall Hayes, Tara Streich-Tilles, Catherine Reagan, Tom Staiger, Justin Schell, Emily Friedberg, Wiliam Farrington, Justin Snow, Matthew Charlton, Brock McCoy, Deb Dykstra, Stephanie Petter, Alia Imbragimova, Murray Rose, Ashley Epting, Natalie Castellanos, Nina Carter, Shaun Pryszlak, Josh Voges, Ali Price, Martha Evans, Molli Freeman-Lynde, Agustina Hein, Allie Henson