"Music and Memory": THP Hosts Artist Seminars

“Music and Memory”: THP Hosts Artist Seminars

In July and August of 2015, THP organized artist seminars held at the school under the banner of “Music and Memories”, in which Tanzanian musicians from the older generation had the chance to tell music students and members of the general public about their experiences as musicians over the past four decades, answer questions, and play examples of their work. Over 40 people attended each seminar, and seminars exceeded the two hours allotted by more than thirty minutes each event due to the number of questions and discussions that the musicians’ presentations inspired.

The Daily News of Tanzania covered the seminars in this article: Tanzania: Young Musicians Get Chance to Question Veterans

“These seminars are intended to bring together local musicians, across generations and genres, in an effort to foster a vibrant artistic community with strong links between the past and present …” – one of the THP’s Directors and Co-founder, Rebecca Corey told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday

The THP’s goal from collaborations with the MuDa School is to inspire more musicians to discover, develop, and interpret local musical traditions, which will promote a unique identity in contemporary music.