Our Team

The Team

Rebecca in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Rebecca Corey, co-founder & Executive Director

rebecca @ tanzaniaheritageproject.org

Rebecca first traveled to Tanzania in 2007. In 2009, Rebecca enrolled at the University of Dar es Salaam’s Institute of Development Studies and worked as a Kiva Fellow at the Tanzanian microfinance institute Tujijenge Tanzania, Ltd. During 2009-10, she also served as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. From 2012-14, Rebecca served as the Director of Busara Promotions, the NGO that organizes the annual Sauti za Busara music festival in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Haji coordinating the film programme of Sauti za Busara festival in 2015

Haji coordinating the film programme of Sauti za Busara festival in 2015

Haji Said, Project Co-ordinator

Haji Said is a graduate of the University of Dar es Salaam who majored in Political Science & Public Administration, however his immense passion for the arts propelled him to take optional courses at the Fine & Performing Arts Department every semester.

After graduation, while working at a bank as a Customer Service Officer, he started to dream of working in the arts industry so he decided to get involved with arts projects in his free time, by acting as a film production assistant for the Story of a Girl project and writing envelope-pushing articles on the bongo5 entertainment blog. He ultimately joined Busara Promotions, the NGO behind the annual Sauti za Busara music festival, as Education & Training Coordinator then and later as Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator.

Now, Haji has relocated to Dar es Salaam from Zanzibar and believes that there could not be a better project to get his hands on than to assist in preserving and reviving the treasured, nearly extinct Tanzanian reel-to-reels that lie on archive shelves or catching dust in the homes of zilipendwa music lovers.

Bradley on Radio10 in Kigali, Rwanda

Bradley Ferreira, Officer of Technology

admin @ tanzaniaheritageproject.org

Bradley fell in love with Tanzania in 2010 as he interned at a development NGO in Dar es Salaam. Using business and technical expertise, Bradley spent most of his time on entrepreneurship training, web development, and microfinance databases. In his free time he loves listening to and creating music. Bradley joined the Tanzania Heritage Project in February 2012 to help with Kickstarter digital reward distribution. He works on web solutions for the team.



The Founders

Benson in Dar es Salaam

Benson Rukantabula, co-founder

benson @ tanzaniaheritageproject.org

Benson Rukantabula was born in Tanzania but spent his early childhood in Gottingen, Germany. His first language was German, but he is also fluent in Kiswahili and English. Benson returned to Tanzania for his primary and secondary school studies, graduating from high school in 2006 with special honors and a Ministry of Finance sponsorship to study at the Institute of Finance Management. While at the institute, Benson studied an advanced diploma in Information Technology, completing two important projects: an online CRDB Bank help-desk system and a real estate website. After graduating in 2009, Benson was hired by the Tanzania Revenue Authority as an IT officer.  Benson also worked for Femina which is the a multimedia platform and a civil society initiative working with youth, communities and strategic partners across Tanzania. Benson now lives in Denmark with his wife Anja and their daughter Imara.

Erasmus in Karikoo

Erasmus Rukantabula, co-founder

erasmus @ tanzaniaheritageproject.org

Erasmus Rukantabula is a graduate of the University of Dar es Salaam Computer Centre and the Cambridge Academy of Management (CAM) on Information Technology (Computing). Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology at the Open University of Tanzania. His interest in Multimedia & Design, especially film-making, inspired him to do his Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in Multimedia. Starting in his early childhood when he lived in Germany, Erasmus has loved becoming friends with people from all over the world and learning about their different cultures and ways of life. Now, Erasmus is working as an IT Technical Officer at the Open University of Tanzania as Head of the ICT Services. He is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program (I.A.E.S.T.E.) – Tanzania.