Wahenga (The Ancestors) - stream for free in April

Wahenga (The Ancestors) – stream for free in April

Wahenga (The Ancestors) is now available to screen for free during the month of April. We hope that the music and story in the film will help lift your spirits and remind you of the power of music, art, and community during this difficult time.

We are also making the film available to watch for free as a way to help support the band members, who are now all struggling because all live performances have been banned in Tanzania indefinitely.

The original music recorded by Wahenga during the making of the film is now available as an album on Bandcamp! All proceeds from the sale of the music will go directly to the musicians and help them survive this difficult time. A great bonus is that the lyrics and translations are included with each track, so you can find out what the songs heard in the film are about as the songs are not subtitled in the film.

We hope you enjoy and thank you for your support of John Kitime and the Wahenga Band musicians.