Update #16: Where does the money go?

So we’re nearing the end of our campaign, but starting up on all of the work that needs to be done.  I thought I’d give you guys a run down over what’s happening with Radio Tanzania’s budget.
First off, we will be buying audio recording equipment. We’ve got a talented and devoted team, but they’ve got to have the proper equipment to get the digitization done.


Music reel to digitization machine: $2500 (The more of these we can buy, the faster the digitization happens!). Ideally we’d have about 10, but we’ll move as fast as we can with what we have. Currently, music will be transferred in real time. This means that for every one hour of music we have to have the machines running for one hour!  The more machines we can afford to buy, the faster we’ll be digitizing!

Computer to machine audio interface: $500. This is the massive brain that makes the computers and equipment play nice. As you know, good brains don’t come cheap.

Cables and doodads: $300. Lots of fancy audio interface cables will be going into the wiring of all of these machines. These cables and the occasional office supply add up pretty quickly!

Admin: The part everybody loves to hate (we hate it too!). 

Legal incorporation/negotiations: $3000. As bright as our team is, we’re going to need some lawyers. We’ve got some help on this side, but we’re always looking for more!  International copyright entertainment law is somewhat of a specialty. Specialties cost special prices.

And a lot more miscellaneous things in this department.

Hopefully that was interesting for our budget nerds out there! There’s a lot to I want to reaffirm our thanks and we’re excited to keep the ball rolling.


Tyler Webb & The Radio Tanzania Team