Update #26: “Dunia ni Matembezi” and more info about your rewards

Hi backers!

By now, I think most of you will have received your rewards. Thank you all for your patience as we got these out to you, and thanks to our awesome intern Jordan Edelstein for his help with packaging and posting them.

Please let us know how you’re enjoying the mixtape and your t-shirt! We’d love to see pictures of you wearing them, videos of people dancing to the music, etc. Last week in Athens, Georgia, we had a great “listening party” where we rented out the upstairs space of a bar and invited friends and family to come listen to the music! Thanks to all who came and we encourage our supporters around the country and world to throw listening parties of their own to help raise more awareness and support for our project.

I’ve also realized in the past couple of days that you all are lacking some info about the rewards.

Those of you who got a large cloth with a saying printed on it– that is called a Kanga and it is a traditional item worn mostly by Tanzanian women, around the waist, shoulders, or head. Men also wear them as bathrobes, children as dresses/wraps, and they are also used as towels, blankets, curtains, and more! Each one has a proverb printed on it, and the proverb on your Kanga, if you got one as a reward, was “Dunia ni Matembezi.” This means, “The World is a Journey.”

The small handicrafts are from the Mwenge Craft Market in Dar es Salaam, a large, open air market where artisans sell their hand-made crafts and goods.

Finally, you all want to know the tracklistings for the mixtape! Unfortunately, I don’t have the song titles for these songs. One of the greatest tasks before us in the preservation process is the accurate cataloguing and tagging of the material in the archives. The songs that have been digitized so far have not been full tagged with metadata. Below are the bands on the cd.

1. Afro 70 Band
2. Afro 70 Band
3. Atomic Jazz
4. Kiko Kids
5. Kiko Kids
6. Kiko Kids
7. Kilwa Jazz
8. DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra
9. OTTU Jazz
10. DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra
11. Wagogo Ngoma
12. Western Jazz
13. Tanzania and Azimio la Arusha
14. Tanzania and Azimio la Arusha
15. Tanzania and Azimio la Arusha
16. Tanzania and Azimio la Arusha
17. Tanzania and Azimio la Arusha 

* NOTE: Tracks 13-17 are performed by various bands, but all in honor and praise of the 1967 Arusha Declaration (Azimio la Arusha), which officially declared the government policy of “Ujamaa na Kujitegemea” (Socialism and Self-Reliance).

The “Best of Radio Tanzania” compilation CD will come out with full artist and song listing, lyric translations, photos, historic background on each band, etc!

As always, thank you for your support.

Pamoja kwa muziki,

The Radio Tanzania Team