"Saving the Music that Saved My Life"

“Saving the Music that Saved My Life”

Today you can read a short guest blog post about Radio Tanzania by Rebecca on Kate Otto’s Everyday Ambassador site.

We hope you enjoy!

As quoted from the website, “Everyday Ambassador” is a movement for responsible global citizenship, made up of individuals determined to use the technological tools of our generation to grow closer to – not farther away from – one another.  An ‘everyday ambassador’ is someone who crosses not just countries or communities, but also comfort zones, in pursuit of a better world.

Rebecca met Kate in NYC in April and was inspired by Kate’s story and commitment to spreading the word about service in a globalized world. Please check out Kate’s website (linked above), and take note: the Everyday Ambassador book — which has garnered praise from Paul Farmer of Partners in Health and other notable public servants and innovators– will be coming out soon! In the meantime, you can follow the movement on Twitter  (@everydayAMB).