Update #19: Mwanzo Mwisho

From the beginning to the end… of our Kickstarter campaign! It’s been almost sixty days and we’re almost there! We didn’t make it to $20,000 as I’d hoped, but we did continue past our goal, and we’re close to $15,000– so let’s see if we can make it there! Also, as I write, we have 199 backers. Does anyone want to be our 200th?

If you’re not a backer yet, but you’ve been reading our updates, please take your chance now to join us! After the campaign ends, we’ll continue to post updates, but many of them will be for our backers only. You don’t want to miss out on the behind-the-scenes story of the digitization and the production of the “Best of Radio Tanzania” CD, do you? We’ll also use the updates to share photos, videos, and music!

Once the campaign ends, we’ll be working on getting your rewards to you. Please be patient, as I will be in Dar til the end of this month, Tyler is in India, and the rest of the team is spread out in other locations around the globe. But don’t worry, we’re already working on it– I’ll be going to the Mwenge craft market very soon to pick out some beautiful Tanzanian “kanga” clothes and wood carvings for you guys.

Attached is the photo of John Kitime, myself, and Anania Ngoliga from last Friday night during the Kalunde Band concert. Mr. Ngoliga is wearing the band “uniform” but he was sitting that particular number out.

Thanks again for your amazing support, from mwanzo to mwisho. :)

Pamoja kwa muziki,


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