Update #6: Getting to Know Our Team: Tyler Webb

I’m Tyler. Radio Tanzania’s business guy. Things most people find insanely boring (spreadsheets, marketing, copyright law), I passionately devour in a quest to become an all-knowledgable business guru.  Currently, I’m working on the kickstarter campaign, online distribution platform, and legal knick-knacks.

In the past I’ve worked for a disaster relief non-profit and ran my own music production company. I’m currently based in India on a fellowship in social enterprise. Music and education are my passion, love, and dream. I’m hoping to take the next year to develop Radio Tanzania into something that you, our team, and the Tanzanian people can be proud of.

Thanks for all of your support guys. Though my part’s not the most exciting (business models on how to help the artists and government mutually benefit), I promise nothing less than a miracle. Be sure to hold me to it :).

Thanks for being a part of the mission and dream!

Tyler Webb


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