Update #9: Get to know Erasmus Rukantabula

Hi, I’m Erasmus. I’m a Radio Tanzania Project advisor and technical support guru.

Along with my brother Benson, I’m working on all technical aspects regarding the digitization process and currently researching the needed equipment for the project. My task is to study and understand what technology and equipment is necessary for the digitization of the Radio Tanzania archives.

Also apart from that I help seek support from the local media and musicians. I help generate public awareness of the project here in Tanzania and help people understand the generations of history that will be lost if the archives are not preserved and digitized.

Currently, I’m staying in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania working with the Cisco Networking Academy as IT support and and instructor for its East Africa Region. I feel so lucky and proud to be part of the project working with my friend Rebecca and her team.

My love for music and technology drives me all way to work on this project because I believe we are all responsible to the future generations and we need to help in every way we can.

Using the experience and knowledge we have I believe we can!

Thanks for your support guys,

Erasmus Rukantabula

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