Update #25: What if you hadn’t heard the music you love most in decades?

Yesterday a video of an old man in a nursing home began to go viral on YouTube and I thought it was worth sharing with you. Through your support of our project have shown that you understand the power of music to heal, to renew, and to bring joy… and what a tragedy it would be for any culture to lose the music that helped shape it.

Music inspiresTrue to the original Latin meaning, it breathes life into us… sometimes even life that appears to have faded.

So watch the video and see what happens when we get cut off from the music we love… and the magic that occurs when it is restored to us!


2 Responses

  1. Caroline Gensch

    I really enjoyed learning more about your project to revive the Radio Tanzania Archives. It was incredibly heartwarming to watch the video of Henry, the man in the nursing home, react to the music of his era. The connection you drew between this video and the revival of the radio archives demonstrates the importance of your project and the enormous impact that it can have on the people in Tanzania, especially those who experienced their youth in the 1960s and 1980s. Once all of the music is converted into digital form, do you plan on sharing the files with people in nursing homes? It would be great to see the music from the archives reach the people who first heard and experienced it.

  2. Rebecca Corey

    Yes, we hope this music can also be used as a healing tool in Tanzania– though nursing homes are much less common than they are here in the US. In Tanzania, the elderly often live with their children for the rest of their lives after they can no longer live independently. I would especially like to see these multi-generational Tanzanian households be able to use this music as a way to pass on valuable knowledge and memories from generation to generation. We hope to document this process in the future!

    Thanks for your comment, Caroline!