Posts about restoring, celebrating & promoting East Africa’s musical heritage

Posts about restoring, celebrating & promoting East Africa's musical heritage

The Strokers

The Strokers were a band of musicians from Upanga, Dar es Salaam. The Strokers had two phases, the first phase with musicians including Donald Max,...
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Intimate Rhumba

(Photo: Intimate Rhumba on stage; amongst the people on it are: first on the left; Mawazo, Hunja, third is Kabeya Badu, King Kiki and the...
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Leo Mkanyia

Leo Mkanyia playing live in Stonetown, Zanzibar. Video by Geert van den Boogaard in cooperation with the Tanzania Heritage Project.

Tucheze dansi (let’s dance)!

From, children dancing “kiduku” at the Leo Mkanyia show during the 2012 Sauti Za Busara (Sounds of Wisdom) music festival in Stone Town, Zanzibar.